Trust is the cornerstone of effective therapy. I treat confidentiality very seriously and will outline my legal obligations, responsibilities and commitments during our initial contact to ensure a full understanding around this issue.

Is this therapist right for me?

I actively encourage people to keep considering their choices and using their voice ~ My humanistic background means I strongly value equality in the relationship and fully account for personal life circumstances.

Is therapy safe?

At the heart of my practice is a constant monitoring of how the therapy is being received. Through rigorous training and a commitment to my own personal therapy and supervision, I am well supported in delivering a measured model that accounts for each individual’s situation. The ethical codes to which I subscribe are carefully monitored by the UKCP

Anxiety and concern around making the call

It can seem daunting for people to make that initial call, they may feel anxious, vulnerable or awkward about needing help. Consequently please be assured that all enquiries will be treated sensitively, with clarity, and in a way that honours freedom of choice.